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Jobs posted to Driving Only are also automatically shared to Social Media!

Why use Driving Only Jobs?

Driving Only Jobs is a part of Driving Only project, functioning as an Online Job Board for Transport Industry. Driving Only Jobs has a much higher and direct reach for the Transport Candidates than other Job-sites, because its focus is only Transport Industry. Driving Only allows the Job to reach thousands of relevant Candidates from Transport industry instantly.

Recruiters are able to Post their Transport Jobs and manage them through the Dashboard (Edit, Mark as filled, Duplicate, Delete). Jobs are published to Jobs board and shared to Share Points – Social Media.
Recruiters receive applications directly to the email address and can manage applications through the Dashboard.

Candidates are able to apply for Jobs without registering, by simply sending the application message (optionally with attached Resume).
Candidates are able to register their Resume and apply for Jobs through the Driving Only website.

How it works?

Post a Job and Receive Applications

  1. Recruiter Posts a Job through Driving Only Job submission.
  2. Job is immediately published to Driving Only Jobs board.
  3. Job is automatically shared to Social Media – Share Points.
  4. Candidates follow the Job link and read the Job description.
  5. Candidates apply by sending a CV, by sending a simplified message or by Phone if provided.

Job Packages

Single Job package:

Post Unlimited Jobs for Free or use our Extend and Featured Jobs.

Bulk Job packages:

Saves you time and money:

Package with 10 Jobs - 10% off the price;
Package with 20 Jobs - 20% off the price;
Package with 30 Jobs - 30% off the price.

Bulk Job Packages

Alternatively you can buy Job Packages via Shop page

Share Points - Social Media

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How to Post a Job?

Click on a link “Post a Job”.

Fill up all the fields and click Preview.

If you’re happy with your Job, click “Choose a Package” or click Edit to do changes to your Job.

Choose the Job package you already own or select a new one below.

Your Job is submitted, just wait for the approval. You will receive an email notification once it’s approved.

You can check your Job’s status within “My Jobs” link.

Once the Job is approved, you can Edit, Mark as Filled, Duplicate or Delete it.

Duplicating is an easy way to fill up a Job for similar Jobs. If, for example you have multiple jobs to post, but the only difference is a Location.

If you are having issues or have a question, feel free to Submit a Ticket or Contact us Privately.