Hello, ladies and gentlemen 

It’s been ages since the last post, We’ve been busy rebuilding the Driving Only website. It is now ready to use, but some parts are still under development and loads of content still to be uploaded.

Transport Recruiters are now welcome to try out the new Job submission and sharing system. Post your Transport Jobs through Driving Only – Reach Thousands of Candidates Instantly!
Your Jobs will be automatically Published to Driving Only Jobs board, shared to Transport Jobs UK Facebook group, Shared through Transport Jobs UK Facebook page and through Driving Only Twitter account. We will add More Social networks later.

More information: https://www.drivingonly.co.uk/recruiters/
Post a Job: https://www.drivingonly.co.uk/post-a-job/

Candidates are welcome to register Resumes and become available for Recruiters. You can do that here:

Another new feature on site is the Blog. We will be publishing videos, photo galleries, possibly articles and news. You are welcome to comment and share them with your friends.

We would like to know what is your opinion about the site  Because it’s being built for you, it is likely that it will change according to your feedback. So if you have anything on your mind, please leave a comment or contact us privately.

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